You have planned the majority of your the wedding but would like to hand over the reins and enjoy the last 4 weeks before the big day, then this package is for you. For the last 30 days leading up to your wedding, we are managing the big day and going through your plans with a fine tooth comb making sure that all the details you have put into place are perfect. 


Partial Planning

The theme has been set and a handful of vendors have been hired, now what? This package is the guidance you need to achieve the professional look and execution of your wedding. We will work together to maximize your vision and hire the perfect remaining vendors. 


Full Planning

You are engaged and have no idea how to start and get through the entire wedding planning process on your own. We will work with you every step of the way, every milestone during your engagement, and every minute of your wedding day. From flowers to place cards, music to favors, we will work with you to develop, hone, and execute your vision for the big day that is the perfect reflection of you.


Wedding Stylist

After you've spent countless hours decor hunting, crafting handmade details, and planning the picture perfect design you're left wondering who will set it all up on the big day. If you want someone to ensure it will look fabulous while you are busy being the bride, then this package is for you. It takes great patience, exquisite attention to detail, and a natural flare for the creative to make a setting that looks intentional, striking, and romantic, not just thrown together. Why have family attempt to recreate your minds' eye when you can leave it to the professional? Your stylist will ensure perfection and wow you by recreating your vision.


A La Carte

  • Creation of wedding timeline
  • Assembly of coordinating packet for self-coordination/family coordination
  • Purchasing decor within slotted budget
  • Coordination of engagement
  • Coordination of engagement party
  • Coordination of bridal shower
  • Invitation assembly and mailing
  • Assembly of favors
  • Gift basket/bag assembly
  • Welcome basket/bag assembly and delivery
  • Additional in person meetings

(Minimum a La Carte order of $250, unless added to an above package)


Eloise's Blooms

Eloise's Blooms is a service offered by Camden Gray that will allow you to make a floral donation in your name to a local charity of your choosing.

After it's all said and done, the party is over, and all of the vendors are clearing out the space from the wedding, most couples choose to toss the gorgeous flowers they have spent so much money on...and that breaks our hearts! Eloise's Blooms allows us to take your leftover flowers to brighten someone else's day!

With this service, you may select from a list of participating recipients including nursing homes, shelters, hospitals, recovery homes, and hospice care facilities to provide them with a beautiful, re-purposed flower arrangement from your event. Camden Gray will manage and deliver the blooms donation on your behalf.

Contact us for more information about our Eloise's Blooms service!